Shawna Rabbas



mobile app



Travel apps such as Yelp are overwhelming, forcing users to spend a large amount of time scrolling through lists of locations. *Cue that Yelp scene in Master of None, circa 2015* As part of my senior design thesis, I designed an itinerary-generating app that creates small trips based on user’s likes + ratings.

This app concept grew out of many shared complaints between my friend + I while we were both interning in New York City in summer 2015. Both living there for the first time, we often felt overwhelmed when it came to finding things to do after work. We wasted so much time that summer, sitting around and scrolling through every travel and guide app we could find—there had to be a better way.



Initial hand-drawn wireframes + user maps became simple screen prototypes for early user testing.


Logo + branding were kept simple, with different tones of colors reflecting the passing of the user’s day.


Final screens are shown here with a depiction of a user flow scenario.