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Revamp an app concept aimed at hotel guests. Guests often use mobile phones to book their yearly vacations–how can we best utilize their phone during their stay?

Remaking a user flow document from a former intern, I made sure to simplify the actions users take. Within this app, guests can book their stay at their favorite luxury resort. After they have checked in, the app provides them with activities in and around their hotel, an itinerary with reminders, notifications of open reservations, and a way to easily get in touch with the various services the hotel provides.

At last notice, this app concept was currently in development and in the process of being pitched to multiple Swiss luxury ski hotels.


Here, I created a detailed chart showing the various scenarios that guests could use the app for. Originally focused on simply contacting room service or housekeeping, I expanded the app to begin with a booking and to follow the guest through their entire stay. Guests can access smart room features if available, message the front desk, and even browse nearby activities through tags.


Following are screens I designed from previously existing wireframes. Through color palette and font choice I wanted to create a high-class but friendly personality. Having no prior knowledge of Swiss resorts, I learned that while these hotels are elaborately and richly designed, they still feel family and kid friendly. I wanted the design of this app to reflect this dual personality of the Swiss hotel industry.


(L) New user/adopter connects to hotel wi-fi. Hotel app is promoted, and user can download.

(R) Home screen for new user/user not signed in.


(L) User can book a stay, view new or current deals the hotel is offering.

(R) User can view current reservation, and make changes if needed.


(L) User can access smart room controls if offered.

(R) User can message various service providers in the hotel.


(L) User can view more information about the hotel and its amenities.

(R) User can explore activities in and around the hotel.


(L) User can view weather report and any plans or reservations they have added to their itinerary. Additional recommendations will appear. 

(R) User can dive further into specific sections from the Hotel or Explore screens. Here, dining is featured, where the user can browse through specific tags.


(L) Example of a notification a user can receive if they have been searching for a previously booked-up service.

(C) User can view and edit their personal profile, or view reservation history.

(R) User can input activity preference to ensure better recommendations and open reservation notifications.