Shawna Rabbas

SAMS: Saccade Analysis Made Simple

SAMS: Saccade Analysis Made Simple

tablet + web app


ICON Worldwide

Actelion Pharmaceuticals


Niemann-Pick type C (NP-C) is a rare neurodegenerative disorder, that when discovered early enough can be treatable. The problem though, is there are just a small number of doctors that specialize in NP-C, and the ones that do are scattered across the world. 

Interestingly, NP-C is able to be diagnosed with a simple eye exam––it just takes a trained eye to decipher the slight involuntary muscle movements that affect those in the early stages of this disease. Actelion saw an opportunity in connecting primary physicians with widespread NP-C experts––simply record a patient taking an exam and send it off to a secure database for review and potential diagnosis. 

After I completed the initial flow and wireframes, this project was handed off to another intern to be designed. At the end of my internship, designs were still under review by the client.


SAMS worked in the following way:

Using a touchscreen tablet, doctors would complete a taped eye exam of a patient. Once reviewed and completed this exam would be sent to a specialized expert who would watch the taped exam and read additional notes from a secure website. Then the expert would add their feedback and potential diagnosis, which could then be accessed by the original physician. The next several charts outline the specific actions needed to complete these tasks.


After mapping user flow, I created wireframes. Following are samples from the physician’s usage scenario, with notes detailing the screen’s place within the flow.